The Battle of Moscow. The First Victory!

An interactive tour tells the story of a Moscow family at the most alarming time for the capital: from the first day of the war to victory in the Battle of Moscow. The battle, which became a turning point during the Great Patriotic War. You will learn how military Moscow lived; what they were like – ordinary Muscovites who did everything possible to prevent the city from surrendering to the enemy. The People's Militia, the Podolsk cadets, the work of the air defense, the secrets of the Kremlin's disguise, underground palaces-bomb shelters, the legendary parade – all these stories are waiting for you in Victory Museum.

Duration 1 hour 15 minutes

For foreign groups:

English-speaking museum guide:

1-5 people - 5,000 rubles/group

6-20 people - 12,500 rubles/group

If a group has an interpreter:

1-5 people - 4,500 rubles/group

6-20 people - 10,000 rubles/group

Booking: + 7 (499) 449-81-81