Are you interested in military hardware? The most interesting stories are about tanks, ships, aircraft, and most importantly – about people. Heroes and destinies, historical mysteries and riddles. How did the tank gain wings and get off the ground? Why is one turret good and two turrets worse? How did the Americans make an aircraft that they didn't need? Why does a tank gun need a butt? You will get into the atmosphere of a place of warfare and see German tanks going to the border of the Soviet Union. Go through the fortified trench. Relax in the soldiers' dugout, where you will learn about the daily military life of Soviet soldiers. You will find out what importance the railways had for the victory. You will ride in a heated freight wagon. You would hold the weapons of Soviet soldiers in your hands; inspect the ambulance car; see the work of military medics saving the lives of wounded soldiers in the «hospital on wheels».


Возрастное ограничение: 6+

Duration 1.5 hours
Venue «G.O.R.A» Museum

Tour booking:
+7 (499) 449-81-81

Language: English
Duration: 1h30
Age restriction: 12+

For foreign groups:

English-speaking museum guide:

1-5 people - 5,000 rubles/group

6-20 people - 12,500 rubles/group

If a group has an interpreter:

1-5 people - 4,500 rubles/group

6-20 people - 10,000 rubles/group

Booking: + 7 (499) 449-81-81