Feat of the Army

Victory Museum invites you to take a trip from Moscow to Berlin! You will see unique dioramas dedicated to the main battles of the Great Patriotic War: "The counteroffensive near Moscow", "The battle of Stalingrad", "The siege of Leningrad", "The battle of Kursk", "The battle of the Dnieper", "The battle of Berlin". On the tour, you will learn how the capital of our country was defended, which city has the longest streets in the world, which battle became the longest, what and how the besieged Leningrad survived, what is the "battle of motors", which river is called the "river of heroes", how the banner of Victory over the Reichstag was raised. The guide's story will complement the impressions of the unique exhibits and multimedia means of the "Feat of the Army" exposition and the museum halls. Heroic deeds, decisive battles, amazing human destinies, the bitterness of defeats and the joy of victories, incredible unthinkable stories – are waiting for you on the "Feat of the Army" tour!

Language: English
Duration: 1h30
Age restriction: 12+

For foreign groups:

English-speaking museum guide:

1-5 people - 5,000 rubles/group

6-20 people - 12,500 rubles/group

If a group has an interpreter:

1-5 people - 4,500 rubles/group

6-20 people - 10,000 rubles/group

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